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At IceTrek Medical Clinic we conduct clinical research studies for a variety of different conditions.

What is a clinical research study? A clinical research study is designed to test the effects and/or safety of an investigational medication. Clinical research studies are an important step in making new medications available for future use.

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How to Treat Allergies

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What Causes Allergies?

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How Annoying Allergies Can Be

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Treat Illness

Feeling ill? Have a medical ailment you need to have a medical professional treat? We’d be happy to see you in our centre!


Our established team of medical professionals would be happy to see you. We perform a variety of physicals, whether it be personal or for occupational reasons. Come see us for a complete physical assessment.


In a perfect world, nobody would ever be hurt. But unfortunately, we do not live in that perfect world. If you are injured and require a cast on a part of your body, or conversely require that cast to be removed – we are here to serve you!

Pap Testing

IceTrek Centre is pleased to offer several options, for your convenience, in scheduling your next Pap test.

Clients share their experience

Longer wait times are expected at every clinic, and it was worth the wait in my opinion. The doctors are highly educated and thorough. The front staff are hard working and pleasant and they have a lot of patience dealing with some of the rude people that I've seen walk in there. I'll be bringing my family in there in the future.
Brenda Conner
I've been there twice, my experience was excellent they are very professional, I don't wait for long. The doctor is amazing, easy going I recommend by far this place.
Dan Chan
I was in a car accident and had to go in to get checked out. They are very busy, but I found them as efficient as they could be. Over the last month I have had to go in weekly for paperwork/checkups and always see the same Dr.
Jennifer Hebb

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